Our Purpose

The Dunamis home-school co-op is a non-denominational Christian education program which combines home-school and micro-school education systems. Implementing a sound curriculum from a non-denominational, Bible based, perspective. Its focus is to return children to a love of wholesome literature that strengthens families and that creates beautiful hearts and minds. The our curriculum is simple to use, and it just works!

We are dedicated to educating kids majoring on the critical skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic. We believe that all education should point back to our creator and should create critical thinkers in each individual student. With a curriculum focused on a biblical world view.

The Dunamis home-school cooperative encourages students to grow their relationship with God, and to hear him. With a vision of our students growing in the grace and admonition of the Father, to impact the world they live in, bringing heaven to earth.

We also believe that this is possible to be affordable to everyone. Join us in our mission and watch your kids rise to their God-given destiny!

Andrew and Amber Walker, senior leaders of Dunamis

Dunamis co-op Founders

Amber and Andrew Walker

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Jim Blockey and His Wife , Chemene.

Dunamis Educational Director

Jim Blockey

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